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it’s all about people

People know stuff. People feel stuff. People do a lot of stuff. But there is too much hidden talent and human potential being wasted right now in our society. We want to change that. Empowering people.

Our core values are rooted in:

  • Empathy and self-awareness
  • Human efficiency and empowerment
  • Corporate talent as a transformation agent
  • Social impact through innovation

our mision

We are committed to human talent development and technological innovation with a social impact. We want to enhance people’s value and their potential as creative agents and change-drivers.

our vision

Our goal is to make people thrive at corporate and educational level leveraging their contribution. How? Through a holistic and deeper approach to talent management and potential development at organizations.

our promise

We are an HR-tech startup focused on artificial intelligence and innovative solutions to make human resources more… human. We aim to provide the most effective tools to enable a wider knowledge about people and their full potential.

our products and services

Flexible options. Customized services. Transparent fees. Our service packs are adjusted to optimize both our key products: neuro talent and hero talent. And they will fit each ecosystem’s needs: recruitment, talent development or learning. You choose.

pack basic

Cover all your basic requirements to optimize recruitment and talent development projects.

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pack plus

Extend findings, define trends and detect patterns with suggestions on what to do next.

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pack premium

Build a plan based on a deeper knowledge of your people and prescriptive action-led reports.

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pack consult

Set-up result-driven action plans with the support of our experts and consultant services.

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pack demo

If you are still not sure about the best option for you give it a try with our short-term solutions. You will get an accurate sample of what you might need.

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so, are you interested?

Good! Sounds like we have a lot in common. You just have to leave us your e-mail. We will get back to you with more news.

our history

It all started with this question: how people’s value, contribution and ability to learn are detected, developed and rewarded in society?

Well, we saw a big gap here: individual performance profiles don’t quite show a person as a whole, do they?

The challenge was clear: to change that and to track people’s talent considering both their soft and hard skills, capabilities and emotions. An idea with a massive positive impact in society.

The goal was set: to find a way to provide that far more human picture to recruiters, team managers and talent development professionals.

And so, Erudit was born in 2018.

where can you find us?

We are here: in Madrid downtown, at Telefonica’s Open Future building. We share our office with a multitude of innovative minds and technological startups. Our team of 8 is based both at our headquarters in Spain and in the USA, Miami, Florida.

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frequent questions

For whom is our product intended?

Our product is recommended for any company with more than 500 employees, concerned about talent management.

What is its purpose?

Detecting employee’s soft and hard skills while they are doing their job and align them in real time with the global corporate strategy.

May I contact you for press matters?

Yes, just send us an email to: press@erudit.ai and we will provide you with all the information you need.

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enhance your knowledge

Get more out of big data
with "natural code" processing.

optimize your process

Customize analysis and criteria.
Get the match you are looking for.

increase your potential

Find the proper profiles for your team.
Track specific development needs.

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