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Recommended for Recruitment, Learning and Training. HR departments and Talent management teams.


  • Erudit API user license
  • Reports on user’s skills, capabilities and emotions
  • Use of AI-powered technology

Compatible with

  • Any browser
  • Any recruitment, training and e-mailing platforms


user/labor day

$1,990 | 100 users/month

*Minimum: 100 users / 6 months

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If you are still not sure about the best option for you give it a try with our short-term solutions.


user/labor day

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* Minimum: 100 users / 3 months trial

pack plus

Extend findings, define trends and detect patterns with suggestions on what to do next.


user/labor day

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*Minimum: 100 users / 6 months

pack premium

Build a plan based on a deeper knowledge of your people and prescriptive action-led reports.

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pack consult

Set-up result-driven action plans with the support of our experts and consultant services.

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product attributes

No matter what product you choose you will benefit from cutting-edge technology. It has never been easier to bring the ultimate innovation to your organization. Trust us.


"Natural code" processing API.
Artificial intelligence technology.

fully compatible

Multiple operative systems.
Multi-device API.

easy integration

Fast implementation process.
Adjustable to any corporate system.

frequent questions

What is an API?

It’s a layer that is installed on top of other existing software providing unique extra functionalities.

How is it applied to internal training processes?

Our technology is activated at the beginning of the training course and works on the information generated by the worker with his/her answers to the contents and stimuli he/she receives.

What does AI-powered mean?

It means that our solutions contain technology related to the areas of deep learning or AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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enhance your knowledge

Get more out of big data
with "natural code" processing.

optimize your process

Customize analysis and criteria.
Get the match you are looking for.

increase your potential

Find the proper profiles for your team.
Track specific development needs.

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