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beyond intelligence

Our solution is based on deep learning and was designed to take the most out of data generated by users while they are working or learning online.

Through "natural code" processing we automatically transform all that information into added-value reports about:

  • Individual competencies and abilities.
  • Potential skills or development needs.
  • Behavioural patterns. Actions and reactions.
  • Profile trends tracking user’s decisions, contents and emotions.

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save time and money

Improve management efficiency. Recruit, train, develop talent.

automatic and user friendly

Generate customized dashboards manage easy and clear information.

action-led data

Decide with prescriptive reports get consultancy services support.

frequent questions

How are the profile reports created?

Prior to implementation we agree with the client on a list of soft and hard skills to be detected and then we set a template to display the information.

What is prescriptive data?

Action-oriented information to
achieve a specific goal.

How does it help in decision taking?

Reporting on actions to be taken by the management teams or leaders of your workforce, based on the skills detected and the tasks defined according to your business strategy.

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enhance your knowledge

Get more out of big data
with "natural code" processing.

optimize your process

Customize analysis and criteria.
Get the match you are looking for.

increase your potential

Find the proper profiles for your team.
Track specific development needs.

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