our history

It all started with this idea of creating a fair, accurate, reliable solution to provide a complete and far more human profile on people’s real talent potential. So, we did it. And here we are. We have patented our idea in 2018, won some awards and got some great partners on board.

who we are

We are an HR-tech startup. A people centered company committed to this purpose: to develop human potential in society. We work with corporations, human resources and talent development professionals and liaise with learning institutions to achieve that. How? Offering them easy, tailor-made and effective solutions to empower people.

what we do

We create solutions to add value to big data analysis. Our system is based on deep learning and our artificial intelligence powered API tracks information through "natural code" processing. The result? Enhanced human profiles including soft and hard skills, behavioral patterns, learning trends, multiple intelligence levels and emotions.

our products and services

Flexible options. Customized services. Transparent fees. Our service packs are adjusted to optimize both our key products: neuro talent and hero talent. And they will fit each ecosystem’s needs: recruitment, talent development or learning. You choose.

pack basic

Cover all your basic requirements to optimize recruitment and talent development projects.

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pack plus

Extend findings, define trends and detect patterns with suggestions on what to do next.

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pack premium

Build a plan based on a deeper knowledge of your people and prescriptive action-led reports.

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pack consult

Set-up result-driven action plans with the support of our experts and consultant services.

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pack demo

If you are still not sure about the best option for you give it a try with our short-term solutions. You will get an accurate sample of what you might need.

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so, are you interested?

Good! Sounds like we have a lot in common. You just have to leave us your e-mail. We will get back to you with more news.

frequent questions

What does AI-powered mean?

It means that our solutions contain technology related to the areas of deep learning or AI (Artificial Intelligence).

What is HR-tech?

Technological solutions applied to typical human resources procedures.

What is an API?

It’s a layer that is installed on top of other existing software providing unique extra functionalities.

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enhance your knowledge

Get more out of big data
with "natural code" processing.

optimize your process

Customize analysis and criteria.
Get the match you are looking for.

increase your potential

Find the proper profiles for your team.
Track specific development needs.

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